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  • Evan
    Evan posted a new classified listing:
    Any breathplayers in Utah, hit me up
    • Dec 4
  • Acu
    Acu posted a new video:
    My heart while I'm hanged
    My heart while I'm hanged
    • Nov 24
  • FreddyHair
    FreddyHair added 2 photo(s) to the album Ropes:
    • Nov 22
  • JackHangman
    JackHangman posted a new video:
    • Oct 28
  • Breathtaker
    Breathtaker posted a new video:
    • Oct 9
  • Old Sarge
    Old Sarge posted a new video:
    SKS88 what he saw while being hanged
    This is what SKS88 saw as the noose hauled him into the air with the knot forcing he head forward so he could see his breasts and kicking feet and the platform far below his feet.
    • Oct 8
  • Peter
    Peter posted a new video:
    Four Hangings
    I would have made a great hangman in this era
    • Oct 7
  • Hang_ing
    Hang_ing added 4 photo(s) to the album My naked hanging:
    • Aug 31
  • danceteacher
    danceteacher posted a new video:
    Heather's first hanging
    My first hangee and her first hanging.
    • Aug 7
  • dms
    dms posted a new video:
    • Aug 2
    • dms
      Goddess Nemesis Geez... all I was asking was an avatar! Lol! How did you get stuck there for a bit? Wicked curious. Was it because when you went out you still were grabbing the rope? This is what I assumed would happen. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
      • Aug 3
    • dms
      Goddess Nemesis Just for a couple seconds but youre old cold up in the air snoring with abnormal postures. The postures arent strange I see them all the time just seeing that in solo play is kind of different.
      • Aug 3
    • dms
      Goddess Nemesis Who did you think you were talking to when you landed? I need more info here.. lol
      • Aug 3
    • dms
      Goddess Nemesis or was it Left brain, right side went out or Right brain left side went KO. That happened to the scientist when I hung him. 1/2 of him went out. So now that Im thinking about this solo players cutting off one side should hold the rope in that same side....  more
      • Aug 3
    • dms
      Goddess Nemesis What... now youre shy? Lol
      • Aug 10
  • Punybrian
    Punybrian posted a new video:
    • Jul 26
  • Claudio
    Claudio posted a new video:
    Vintage GN
    large clip from old site for @Goddess
    • Jul 24
  • Joe
    Joe posted a new video:
    • Jul 12
    • Joe
      Goddess Nemesis Dont you guys think I need to hang Joe? I really would like to.. Omg Thanks for upload, even though Id hate to see you get hurt. As far as solo play goes ((and no matter what its really dangerous, bottom line)), I like I how you removed some of the...  more
  • Hang_ing
    Hang_ing posted a new video:
    • Jul 5
  • Hang_ing
    Hang_ing added 8 photo(s) to the album My naked hanging:
    • Jun 27
  • finnchoker
    finnchoker added 2 photo(s) to the album My hanging pics:
    • Jun 16
  • Amalfi
    Amalfi posted a new video:
    Hanging KR untill unconsciousness
    A little video where I hanging KR untill unconsciousness.
    • Jun 16
    • Amalfi
      daanii 93 Really nice.. thank you for uploading!
      • Jun 16
    • Amalfi
      York Love it.
      • Jun 16
    • Amalfi
      Goddess Nemesis Its so damn sexy scenes with "masks"... Haha! Hot!! Put up all your clips I miss watching them.
      • Jun 17
    • Amalfi
      Tom Totally agree with York Love it!
      • Jun 17